BFE in Brief

BFE has a casual environment that encourages continuous communication. 

BFE encourages, if not requires, engineers of all experience levels to be a part of the entire design process from initial concept to testing and documentation.  The breadth of the job, however, does not sacrifice depth as many engineers specialize, providing efficient and effective support on specific aspects of the project.

Currently Hiring


Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design Engineer BFE is looking for an entry level design engineer to join our very capable and growing custom IC design team. Design mixed-signal ICs for imaging and display applications utilizing leading edge sub-micron CMOS technologies. Develop state of the art products that include the following circuit types: Switched capacitors, multiplexers, OP amps, comparators, interface circuits, voltage references, ADCs, DACs, and digital control circuits. Depending on experience level: interface with customers and interpret specifications, develop circuit architecture, simulate and optimize circuits, layout and verify IC database, plan and perform IC verification testing, and report results. BSEE/MSEE with background in IC design (familiar with SPICE simulation, HDL programming, and IC layout tools) preferred. Other engineering or physical science degrees and experience considered. Strong self-management skills and ability to take personal ownership of the product's development are essential. Location: Colorado Springs, CO


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A career with BFE

BFE continuously looks for engineering talent that could compliment its already diversely competent and experienced group of designers.  Every engineer at Black Forest Engineering must have a solid grasp of fundamental properties and design concepts.  BFE engineers are also very creative.  It is the creativity to come up with the simplest  and most easily implemented solution that often provides for the most successful and robust designs.

The Interview

Interviews, both in person and on the phone, are technical and address fundamentals of resistor, bipolar and CMOS (analog and digital) designs. 

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