BFE in Brief

BFE specializes in sensor readout and display technologies, but has a wide variety of experiences with many applications.
Learn more about BFE by reviewing this PowerPoint profile of the company.

Mixed Signal ASIC Design

Custom Design : Experience in special applications

Chip Size Extremes

Speeds and Signals

Device Interfaces


Custom IC Fabrication : The right process for each application

note: The "Special" field is used to indicate if a foundry has Stitching or MPW services and/or is ITAR compliant.  All units are in um.

Foundry Special 0.13 0.18 0.25 0.35 Other
TSMC M    
Jazz S/IT      
Tower S     0.5
IBM (corp. site) IT        
Austria MicroSystems          
AMIS           0.5/1.2
CSMC           0.6
HP         0.5
Amkor         0.5
Texas Instruments           0.8/1
UMC           0.4(5V)

Extensive Experience with Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) runs for prototyping

note: Some foundries will provide their own MPW service.

From the over 200 projects BFE has had experiences with a variety of applications, with sensor

readout and display IC's  being among the most prominent.

Experience with a variety of Processes

Custom Testing and System Interface : Performance to your requirements

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