Technical Project Manager

This position in responsible for managing multiple teams over multiple concurrent projects. This person needs to keep track of project budgets and schedules and managing personnel to ensure that deadlines are being met at or below budget.

While it is desirable that a candidate be well versed in ASIC designs and workflows, it is more import that the candidate be able to at least understand high level project flow and be able to identify scheduling bottlenecks, budgeting leaks and scope changes.

This project manager is key for promoting efficiency as well as fostering a positive work environment.

Verilog HDL Programmer and Synthesis Specialist

This position is responsible for programming digital systems using the Verilog Hardware Description Language and Mentor Graphics ModelSIM for verification. Many of the systems being developed with be synthesized and place & routed for use in Mixed Signal ASICs, but may system are also needed for FPGAs in test system as well as high level system modelling used for system verification.

Entry Level Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design Engineer

BFE is looking for an entry level design engineer to join our very capable and growing custom IC design team. Design mixed-signal ICs for imaging and display applications utilizing leading edge sub-micron CMOS technologies. Develop state of the art products that include the following circuit types: Switched capacitors, multiplexers, OP amps, comparators, interface circuits, voltage references, ADCs, DACs, and digital control circuits. Depending on experience level: interface with customers and interpret specifications, develop circuit architecture, simulate and optimize circuits, layout and verify IC database, plan and perform IC verification testing, and report results. BSEE/MSEE with background in IC design (familiar with SPICE simulation, HDL programming, and IC layout tools) preferred. Other engineering or physical science degrees and experience considered. Strong self-management skills and ability to take personal ownership of the product’s development are essential.