Providing Full Custom ASIC/ROIC Designs & Services

BFE is a leading innovator of pixel-based sensor readouts and displays with extensive expertise in ROICs for IR, visible, and X-Ray detectors, and camera integration (including micro and nano sized IR camera design). BFE designs, tests, and provides consulting services for nonstandard ICs that are essential for systems to meet their requirements.  Our broad and extensive experience make us a good fit for a multitude of applications, and above all we enjoy providing successful solutions to the most difficult problems.  Often forging into the bleeding edge of innovation where few dare tread.

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Car automation

lidar The accuracy and controlled field of view provided by LIDAR for ranging has made it a useful tool for military for many years but as our designs improve and processes become faster, LIDAR’s ability to provide ranging information for closer objects is becoming more popular for commercial applications and nothing speaks to our commitment to LIDAR’s future more than our association with Luminar.

(Un)Cooled Infrared


Automotive &


A Long wave IR image showing heat as white IR has long been a staple of military capabilities but as uncooled detectors become more prominent, commercial applications expand, and over the years BFE’s experience has allowed them to make some of the most capable Readout Integrated Circuits (ROICs) available. We have also designed micro and nano sized IR camera modules.  View details about our Blackfire camera system here.

Visible Imagers


Cameras &

Cell Phones

packaged-imager-thumb We designed CMOS imagers long before they were a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives and we continue to innovate.




a-si uncooled IR resistor. A MEMS due to its mechanical suspension for thermal isolation IC control of LCD and Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) provide fascinating possibilities for countless applications including micro-fluidics and light modulation (displays).

Radiation Hardened (Rad hard) • High Speed • Ultra High Sensitivity • Low Power • Light Weight