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Beacon Biotech Sensor 
As one of the forming companies and dedicated supporters of Beacon Biotechnology, BFE works hard to help actualize the exciting and profound new healthcare related biotechnologies that are being developed.  To learn more click here to go to Beacon Biotechnologies website.
courtesy of NASA 

Courtesy of NASA

Pictures of Mars from BFE's Infrared ROIC in JPL's thermopile array currently on NASA's climate sounder module orbiting Mars  
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Welcome to BFE : Mixed Signal ASIC Design House 

Black Forest Engineering is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Founded in 1990, we specialize in the development of custom analog and mixed signal integrated circuits.

We design, test, and provide consulting services for nonstandard ICs that are essential for systems to meet the requirements of our customers. We enjoy providing successful solutions to the most difficult problems.

Since BFE's inception, more than 200  CMOS and detector chips have been designed. Our sales have grown steadily by helping expand our existing customers' success, and by adding new customers attracted to our customized service.












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