Entry Level Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design Engineer

BFE is looking for an entry level design engineer to join our very capable and growing custom IC design team. Design mixed-signal ICs for imaging and display applications utilizing leading edge sub-micron CMOS technologies. Develop state of the art products that include the following circuit types: Switched capacitors, multiplexers, OP amps, comparators, interface circuits, voltage references, ADCs, DACs, and digital control circuits. Depending on experience level: interface with customers and interpret specifications, develop circuit architecture, simulate and optimize circuits, layout and verify IC database, plan and perform IC verification testing, and report results. BSEE/MSEE with background in IC design (familiar with SPICE simulation, HDL programming, and IC layout tools) preferred. Other engineering or physical science degrees and experience considered. Strong self-management skills and ability to take personal ownership of the product’s development are essential.


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